What Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) Tell Us About Life After Death

The COVID-19 pandemic has, understandably, shown how frightened many of us are of dying. But stories of Near-death experiences (NDEs) are an antidote to fear because they show we never really die! Although our physical body might become lifeless and inert at the point of death, the real us, our conscious awareness (our soul), does not and cannot die.

Illness and Death Only Exist on Earth

Indeed, the greatest and most pressing message contained in all near-death experiences (NDEs) is that death, illness and aging are all illusions only found here on Earth. Our true self will never become extinct, age or get ill. In fact, when near-death experiencer (NDEr) Renee left her physical body and returned to being a spirit, she said:

‘I felt more alive than I’ve ever felt in my life…You can never be separated from yourself. Death is a self-created illusion and illness…and age…This may come as a shock to you…but we are immortal spirit beings.’[i]

What Happens at the Point of Death?

Renee’s life changing experience happened one beautiful autumn day in 2003. She and her husband were motorcycle enthusiasts, and they loved to roar through the quiet country roads, with the rolling landscape undulating before them. It was the weekend, dry, sunny and perfect for a ride. So, they put on their helmets, revved up the bike and set off. Renee was riding pillion. Their plan was to meander their way along the nearly empty roads, albeit at exhilarating speed. Renee was enjoying the flow and curve of their trajectory, bodies and machine in unison, when out of nowhere, or so it seemed, a car materialised heading straight towards them.

As her husband desperately tried to avoid the vehicle, swerving almost at right angles, Renee flew off the back landing heavily in a ditch. She broke her jaw and cut her head all the way around her ear. The gash was so deep that she would lose three pints of blood. But she could hear someone telling her everything would be okay and to stay still. Then she levitated out of her body. She remembers looking down and seeing the helicopter arrive, and the paramedics lifting her inert form onto a table, gingerly supporting her head and neck. Blood was oozing down the side of her face from her head wound. She heard the beeps of radios and phones, and the anxiety-tinged conversations of people aware their charge’s life hung in the balance.  As she floated high above the scene, she could even feel the air swirl around her.

‘My soul was above my body floating around as if I had turned into a magical firefly. But I was lying in a ditch in some water. Unconscious, bleeding from the head with a badly broken jaw. My heart stopped beating, I could see it.’

Do You Feel Any Pain?

From high above, Renee said it was like…

‘….watching a big screen movie, I could hear everything around me.’

Yet, she didn’t feel any discomfort, pain or emotional upset, instead, she continued:

‘My emotions were heightened accelerated into pure energy where there is no space or time…Imagine all of a sudden your soul being ripped wide open, as everything inside starts to flow into this superior atmosphere of light and energy….’

Other People’s Near-Death Experiences Help Us Heal

When we lose our fear of death, we can relax a little more into life, and let our bodies do what is natural for them to do – re-establish harmony. We have created a healthier inner environment which facilitates this natural process. When Rob N travelled through the tunnel, he realised that all the people he once knew were right there with him, encircling him and helping him move towards the Light. He says:

‘…The love, warmth, peace and tranquillity was also caused by the shadows that were surrounding the tunnel. What I thought were tree branches…were the people that I loved who had passed before me. They were surrounding the tunnel while holding, guiding and welcoming me home. I was so content and complete.’[ii]

It Feels Like Going Home

Rob goes on to describe the irresistible power of love calling him:

‘The desire to be home, not at my earthly house, but home in Heaven. It was so overwhelming. The desire to be home with all my loved ones and GOD was like a massive force pulling me towards it.’

His perspective completely shifted from being an Earth spirit contained in a material body to the viewpoint of an eternal light being:

‘I was on the way home to where I belong and where I came from. My soul was now free from earthly bonds. I was travelling back from this journey of knowledge here on Earth.’

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