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Deadly Love – A Short Story of ‘Incest’ and Murder in Eighteenth-Century Scotland, Based on True Events

By Dr Joanne Coyle


The trial of Katharine Nairn and Patrick Ogilvie was one of the most salacious and scandalous court cases to grip eighteenth-century Scotland. Yet it has largely been forgotten.

The jury heard of a torrid, incestuous love affair and a murder in a tranquil Scottish glen. Katharine and Patrick were accused of murdering Katharine’s husband, who suffered a terrible and agonising death only months after their marriage.

*Amazon Book Charts: Reached No. 2 in Murder Biographies and No. 5 in UK History.

The authorities suspected arsenic poisoning.

Soon afterwards the pair were arrested, and they faced the High Court in Edinburgh on trial for their lives.

But did they do it?

In this short story, based on true events, Dr Joanne Coyle re-examines court transcripts and contemporary accounts to show that an altogether different explanation is possible.

*Amazon Book Charts: Reached No. 2 in Murder Biographies and No. 5 in UK History.

No. 1 in Amazon Book Charts*

Showing Us the Way Home: The Gift of Near-Death Experiences (NDEs)

By Dr Joanne Coyle


Many of us fear dying, but what if we have nothing to fear? What if so many near-death experiences (NDEs) are coming to light now to reassure us there is life after death?

Dr Joanne Coyle is a medical sociologist with twenty-five years’ experience of researching patients’ attitudes, beliefs and behaviours. After carefully examining over four hundred NDE accounts, she has reached the astonishing conclusion that by lessening our fear of dying, NDEs serve an even greater purpose. They awaken us to being part of a bigger reality of many worlds and dimensions.

With the help of NDErs, ancient myths and the wisdom of indigenous peoples, Dr Coyle shows, if we open ourselves to the energy of this ‘greater reality’ (love), we can take our natural place in the cosmos. Near-death experiences are, in fact, showing us the way home.

*Amazon Book Charts: Reached No. 1 in Occult Near-Death Experiences.

You Are Safe... a Lifeline from the Other Side

By Dr Joanne Coyle


In these strange and bewildering times, it is only natural, that many of us don’t feel safe. Fear of dying is probably one of humanities greatest fears. But what if it didn’t have to be? What if there was an antidote to the fear of death - a lifeline from the other side? In this short read, the author shows through her compelling research on near-death experiences (NDEs) how death, as we have come to know it, is an illusion, which only appears real on this planet. NDErs reassure us we are safe and have nothing to fear when we die. If we were no longer frightened of death, how would we live? How much freer, lighter and happier would we be?

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