About Dr Joanne Coyle

I am Dr Joanne Coyle (PhD), and I was an academic researcher until something happened to change my life. I read a book, or rather two books - Anita Moorjani’s Dying to be Me, and Dr Eben Alexander’s Proof of Heaven. Both telling the story of their near death experience (NDE).

As a researcher, I had interviewed thousands of patients and heard incredibly moving poignant stories about illness and resilience, life and death. My job was to analyse and summarise these accounts, then present them to health care conferences and workshops. I also wrote numerous articles for academic journals. But I always felt these stories deserved a much wider audience, and could help many more people. Perhaps at the back of my mind was the seed - that one day I would help individuals tell their life changing stories to the world to benefit others.

To my utter amazement it became an Amazon best seller

When I came across Anita’s and Eben’s stories, I began to seriously investigate NDEs and other spiritually transcendent experiences (STEs) as a personal quest. I followed every lead I could on the internet and even went to America to speak with NDErs first-hand. Then something very strange happened. One day while browsing a second hand bookshop in St Andrews, Scotland, I came across an old tattered book called Twelve Scots Trials. I let the book fall open and I read about a murder trial that took place in 18th century Scotland, some twenty years after Culloden. I just knew something was terribly wrong, and the events couldn’t have happened the way they’d been recorded. Every time I thought about the people and the trial I got this knot in my solar plexus. Was there a serious miscarriage of justice? My gut or rather my soul was telling me there was, and I had to retell the story in a very different way. So, I did – I wrote and self published ‘Deadly Love’ (see books), and to my utter amazement it became an Amazon best seller.

So after twenty-five years of writing for academics and experts, I began writing for a wider audience. I continued investigating near-death experiences from around the world. I found that you don’t have to have an NDE for it to change your life. Simply reading about them is profoundly healing, because it lessens our fear of death, allowing us to live more full authentic lives, and be our true selves. This, I believe serves an even greater purpose, which I share in my latest book Showing Us the Way Home.

Your story could change someone’s life

Someone’s story changed my life, and your story could change someone else’s or many people’s lives. If something’s happened to you, or you’ve learned something that’s transformed your life, then I firmly believe other people need to hear about it too. I can assist and support you in getting your story started, developed and finished, and out into the world. Go to Services – for more details of how I can help you.